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"My experience with University of Berkley was most pleasurable. The professional manner that I was treated by all of the University of Berkley stuff really made me feel as though I was your most important student. The "non traditional" approach worked very well with my busy work schedule and personal commitments. This flexibility has allowed me to earn my Master Degree.
... I cannot thank the University of Berkley enough for helping me achive a lifelong dream".

Justin (2000 Graduate)

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MA and PhD in Global Political Economy and Finance.
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Curriculum: Programs and Courses Available

******Please Note: The University of Berkley has 168 formal degree program offerings, this is more than any other online or distance learning school in the world today! However, we pride ourselves in creating new and cutting edge Academic and Professional Degree Programs to meet the needs and desires of our diverse and ever changing student population. If you cannot find your desired degree program listed in our catalog or online resource section, be advised it is either in the process of being added or we will work with you to custom tailor and create a specific program for you.

The University of Berkley does not offer course work per se. In the following section, Curriculum or various Course Descriptions: we have provided the public and our enrolled students with the representation of a unique concept pioneered by the University of Berkley in 1993. This project is currently a "work in progress" consisting of nearly 2,000 entries that we equate with the term: "CE" or "Credit Equivalence.” This online interactive database project, which we encourage you to peruse, is only 1/3rd complete and is the single largest collection of syllabi, courses of study and curricula to be found online anywhere in the world. No other school can or will provide you with this unique opportunity for advancement, achievement or recognition.

Credit Equivalents allow you to match up your abilities and experiences (no matter how you gained them) with the corresponding degree program curriculum, to determine what credits you may already have: (hence our slogan in use since 1988: "You may already have your degree and not know it!")

Hence, the following course descriptions or curricula ARE NOT courses that are offered by University of Berkley, but a guide to aid our students in determining their own scholastic achievements.

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51 Marketing Doctorate
52 Mass Communications Doctorate


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